13 Steps To Writing Better Content

So you’ve probably heard it said multiple times that content is king and it’s true. Today, in the informative age, content is more important than it has ever been in the past. Below, you’ll find 13 steps to help you write content better. content-is-king-infographicInfographic provided by Addictivity, a web design agency located in London, UK.


What you need to know about search marketing campaign management

In order for any business to really succeed, it needs to set a few goals. The same applies for a successful search marketing campaign.

Let’s have a look at how you can successfully manage your search marketing campaign

You need to set search marketing goals

pay-per-click-ppcThe first step is setting up clear goals that will help realize your given marketing strategy. Without a cohesive goal in place, your marketing campaign may be steered in different directions-something that is not good for a successful end. In addition, depending on the set goals, there might be need for certain metrics to measure the goals.

Keep track of the search campaigns

When you keep track of your search campaigns, you are able to notice where changes need to be made and make appropriate changes depending on the data collected.

Have another look at the website and landing pages

Sometimes you may get so lost in the campaign that you forget about the actual website. The content within should be properly aligned to the given landing page. This makes for a wonderful browsing experience for your target audience.  When selecting keywords, ensure that they fall in line with the content of a given landing page to avoid confusion.

How much do you have to spend?

Unless you have a clear understanding of the search engine marketing budget that you will need, it can be quite difficult coming up with a workable budget.  Unless you have an endless pit of funds, it is a good idea to pay as you go. This is because you don’t really have sufficient data to work with and you don’t want to over-estimate or worse, underestimate the budget.

Setting up the search engine account

With the goals in place, the budget in place and website and landing pages working as should be; it is now time to set up the search engine account. Setting up the account will help you gain access to some traffic, data and ultimately customers.  You are able to set up the account on your own or pay someone at Ghost Marketing to do it for you.

Optimize the search marketing campaigns

Your search engine account could go live within the same day of set up or it may take a few days. Once it is live then it is time to optimize your search marketing campaigns. It is a good idea to have a look at the optimization options available and find out which will work best with your campaign. This is because there are quite a number of options available.

Don’t forget about the reports

Depending on your needs, marketing reports come in handy to help you realize your goals. They help you know where you need improvement and what is working.

The above are just a brief look of how you can successfully start, run and manage your search marketing campaign. When done right, you should be able to reap positive results from your set goals.



SEO Tips for Contractor Businesses: How They Can Use SEO?

contractorAre you in the contracting business and don’t think online marketing or SEO can help your business? Think again – every business requires some form of marketing to boost sales and the trend now is to have an online presence.

Technology has made the world much smaller than it used to be and everything you need can be found or purchased online. This is why businesses are intensifying their online marketing and SEO efforts to get to the first page of Google and have an online presence.

Why Google? In the olden days, people would grab the phone book and find the provider closest to their area to help them. Today, if you need something fast (like a contractor, you turn to Google. Just type in your location and type of service or provider you need, ET voila, you get a list of options to choose from.

The competition now is to appear on the first page of the Google search results because most people would contact the ones on the first page first. This can be achieved by SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?


SEO is pretty much similar to a popularity contest for businesses – an online popularity contest. The goal is to win the category or classification contest and be ranked on the first page of Google to generate more sales. Google’s Complex Algorithms are the toughest judges to please since they look at several criteria that changes every so often.

SEO Tips for Contractors & Construction Businesses

Google is quite complex and finding the right SEO company to help you is like finding a needle in the haystack. Below are some SEO tips for contractors to increase business

  1. Optimize and Improve Website – Make sure your website is mobile responsive and the information is up to date. There are more people turning to Google from their mobile phones for emergencies.
  2. Be a part of Online communities or forums – There are a number of discussion forums about contractors and construction online that you can take part in. This could eventually generate customers from people that are living close to your area.
  3. Be a part of Offline communities – Every business still has to exert efforts to be known in their community. Get a sign with your services and website on your storefront, take part in charitable events and gatherings to get to know your neighbors. This is still the best way to get local business.
  4. List your business on Google Places – This is a free service for businesses and would allow customers to get directions via Google Maps to arrive at your location. Make sure you get your keywords correct since this is a factor considered on every Google results page
  5. Consider other Search Engines – Google may be the king of online search but there is still Yahoo Local, Bing Maps and of course Yelp that also help generate sales for businesses. Make sure you also make an effort to be listed there.
  6. Make your Contact details prominent and up to date – Remember that opportunity knocks only once and that first impressions last so if a potential customer manages to get to your listing or website but your contact information is outdated, they will move on to the next provider and you have lost that opportunity.
  7. Encourage happy customers to post a review – There are a lot of potential customers who read reviews online to make sure they would not regret contracting the provider. So make sure you ask your satisfied customer to post a review for your company on your website, Google, or Yelp since this would be picked up by Google’s algorithm and can help with your search engine ranking.

If this is all too complicated for you, there are a lot of SEO or Online Marketing Companies that you can hire that offer a reasonable rate even for startup companies or small businesses.

More Tips

For additional tips and strategies on what you can do you improve the SEO of your local business, check out this 50 minute webinar video where he shares  a wide variety of tips you can use for your business.

How To Grow Your Online Audience

Everyone who owns a company, runs a blog, or just wants to get noticed has dreams of growing their online audience by leaps and bounds. We’ve all heard the success stories and have thought about how great it would be to have it happen to us. Instead of just dreaming about it, take action! I’m going to actually share with you some solid and proven ways that you can grow your online audience and build a following of fans that love you.

Be Real

You have to know before you start putting yourself out there online that if you are a fake or a fraud, you will be found out. Just be honest and be real with your followers and you’ll be ahead of the game. Even if it’s honesty to a fault, people will love you for it and many times will still stick with you. They know you are a straight shooter. If you get this part right, it’ll supercharge the rest of your efforts.

Know Who You Want To Attract

audienceThe most forgotten aspect of building an online audience is actually knowing who you want to attract. Is what you’re offering best for males or females? College kids or adults? Aliens or Humans? Just kidding on that last one, but you get the point. The worst thing you can do is try to be everything to everyone, because you’ll end up being nothing to everyone. Start with a small group of people that you know will love what you’re offering and grow from there. You can always expand into new demographics, but it’s a lot easier once you have a solid base of people following you.

Go Where The People Are

Once you know your audience, you next need to find out where they tend to be online. Find their favorite forums, social media platforms, websites, Reddit groups, etc. You should not only know what your ideal customer/reader loves, but you should also know where they love to go and then take your message to them. Being successful in this part requires that you remember the first part – you have to be real. These groups will figure out really quickly if you’re a fraud. Being genuine and honest will make up for any shortcomings that you will undoubtedly incur along the way and help build your audience. I’ve seen this in action with some really great companies that have utilized this strategy with search engine traffic. A friend of mine who is a SEO consultant in Kansas City started his company off by targeting people that were already looking for someone to do this type of work on Google. He found search traffic around 1,000 searches a month and used that to grow his online presence very rapidly. He just went where the people were already looking for what he was doing. You can check out how he does it a little bit by clicking here and copying what he did.

Incentivize People To Spread The Word

There are no better people to help spread the word of how great you are than satisfied and happy customers/readers that already love you. All you need to do is give them a reason to do it. Offer them free things or discounted things for referring people to your product/site. Some feel weird about doing this, but people love to tell other people about things they know. Sometimes they just need a really good reason to do it. Again, this strategy works great if you are genuine and real with people because they will feel comfortable spreading the word for you.

Content Marketing Strategies: Part 2

Continued Post: This is the continued post from part one which you can find here.

Diversify, have variety and consider your web design.

What will entice or impress one person will not necessarily be honey to another by default. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, or vice versa if the same applies, which it does. This said, be sure to have a variety of types and forms of content in your online marketing strategies, in ways focused on increasing conversion to the numbers (sales). Below are a number of items you can utilize to increase ranking, increase traffic, and before you know it; up goes your conversion rate and profitability alike for your pages.

  • web-designData presentation. Content is not just content. It also depends on how it is presented and how appealing it is to the eye of your target audience for it to be effective content in online marketing. You do not want your visitors to bounce, every time they get into your site, only to find that the graphics are appealing enough, the fonts and themes are not well organized, and navigation is troublesome. Present you information, simple and clear. Loading speed of your site should be fast, since it takes only a few seconds for a web visitor to look for an alternative if they find your site not to be user friendly. This calls for looking for a good web designer when setting up or improving your website. Tools such as easel.ly, piktochat, and other online web graphics applications can also come in handy, in case you can do it on your own.
  • Memes. There are good websites that you can use to create this tool that advertises your brand in an interesting way. Memes make use of images, with text contents or messages on the top or bottom crafted to convey information about your brand to your target market in an attractive manner. They can also be used on social media. Websites such as quick meme and meme generator can come in handy in the creation of this tool.
  • Video content. Videos are increasingly becoming quite influential in creating awareness about brands, businesses, and their products. However, your marketing videos should be crafted in a way such like a call to action. Short and interesting videos are the best way to go. Before posting or sharing your video on platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube, be sure to gather feedback on its quality and find out whether it is influential enough. You can even conduct a survey from a few people that you can rely on and have them comment about it. Marketing videos should be relevant and creative.
  • Testimonials. Your previous clients, if any, can have a great influence on your conversion rate. Ensure that your site has room or a portion where customers can provide their testimonies of about how your products or services have helped them. You can refer to this as a case study. You can also have content about how your services have assisted several clients by providing them with solutions to challenges they were previously facing. Ensure that after the case study content, a call to action like an email subscription prompt or purchase link follows immediately.
  • Email marketing. As your content is crafted to lead to sales, it should also have call to action for visitors to subscribe for email updates. This is normally referred to as a mailing list. Have a list of email subscribers to whom you will be sending information about your products and services, latest developments, new arrivals, and such. There are tools that you can find online, which you can use to send general emails to your contacts automatically. They are quite effective, especially when you have a large database of contacts.
  • Blogs. Blogs are an effective way to generate organic traffic to your money site. This is the platform where creativity is highly required. It is where you can express your opinions on the internet. Blog content should also be optimized and crafted to create influence and interest. Ensure to blog about subjects relevant to your business and have back links established to generate traffic to your money site. Have content that is updated, that which will keep readers coming back for more.
  • Influential news and press releases. Do not forget to keep your clients or audience informed about latest activities of common interest, especially those relating to your line of business. Newsletters and press releases are quite influential in increasing the number of visits to your site, especially for signed up customers. Have this content crafted to popularize your business in the process, without compromising on the main subject. It should be delivered in such a way that it doesn’t look obvious that you are advertising.

Provide solutions through your content – again, do your homework

In the business of this day and age, consumers of products and services want either solutions to problems or challenges they are facing, or want to be convinced as to why they should buy from you and not your competitor. It therefore is important to do a thorough research on possible loopholes in the market, what your competitor is not offering, and how you can actualize solutions to those market problems. Without a good research on these, then your all well crafted content may be of no much use. It may not be enough to increase leads and conversion rates. It is also important to stay on toes with times and seasons as well. Try to identify when your target audience or customers are more likely to need your solutions and maximize your efforts on that. Also, provide information such as how to tips, where to, and why to, and when to; provide these through your content.

Originality, uniqueness, and correctness of content – don’t compromise on these.

Do not be a victim of doing what everyone else in your business line is doing. In other words, try to be creative and make your content as unique as possible. If you are having someone do your content for you, it will be important to specify that you need unique content. In this way, your audience or customers won’t feel like ‘it is the same old music again’ having content that is one of a kind will make your business stand out from the rest of the crowd.

At the same time, it should be original and grammatically correct. There are online applications that you can use to check your content for plagiarism, like Copyscape.com so that you can please search engines as well. Also watch grammatical delivery, writing style, and tone. Ensure that the main message is delivered without complicating the subject with unnecessary jargon in the name of professionalism.

Make it content for discussions

content-is-kingAnother equally important content marketing strategy is to make it viable in triggering discussions, especially two way conversations. If your content can be shared through social media or other discussion forums, the better it is for your marketing efforts. This is also another way to enable you make changes where necessary as you get to know the influence that you have on your target audience and customers. You should also watch out for negative comments as they can make or break your SEO efforts.

Utilize the influence of social media and paid ads

In this day and age, almost everyone everywhere is on social media, or is it? That’s right; this makes these platforms an arena very rich on potential customers and free traffic. Even the biggest brands that you can think of also have social media pages and business profiles. Facebook, twitter, instagram, and other influential sites are also good platforms to interact with your audience and provide information on your products and services. From there your audience will get to refer your business to other potential customers, marketing for you without putting in your effort or investments. However, understanding the limits of the information you can share is important as well. Social media campaigns are also very effective marketing tools, especially for growing businesses. It is important to also have a unique strategy for each social channel and have a distinct approach for which content to share and how to market it. All you need is to conduct a good survey and understand the industry insights you require to utilize the power of social media. Paid ads, such as Google-ads, adwords, and Bing-ads are also quite effective if you are able to stretch your budget a bit. This way, your content is more likely to receive more viewership as your page appears on the first pages of search engines.

Engage your clients as much as you can

customer-engagementEngaging your clients as much as you can may be very effective in driving your business forward as they start to feel like they are part of your business. This involves responses on queries, feedback, comments and concerns. For a larger business, it pays to have a team of individuals engaging your clients on a 24/7 basis if possible. Ensure that no query or concern is left un-responded to, in whichever platform linked to your business. Allow them to comment, share, and like your content on social platforms as well as on your site. For every interaction, ensure that you are appreciative of their time and effort. Remember to thank your commenter in line.

Track progress, performance of your pages and content

With all the effort you put in as you market you business through content, how do you know that it is worth it? It is definitely not as easy as ABC. Even as you start noticing an increase in revenues and sales, you wouldn’t be sure that this came from your online marketing efforts. Moreover, information such as bounce back rates, number of clicks on particular content, number of visitors for a particular period, and time spent on your site is important, so that you can notice weak points and make amends, or even strong points on which you can maximize efforts to increase gains. From time to time, it is important to have an online performance audit to determine such factors. Here are some of the factors that you can get to learn about when you analyze performance.

  • Site analytics. You can utilize business tools such as Google analytics to get information about your site’s performance and keep track of progress. These tools will give data such as the bounce back rate, web pages most visited, total number of visitors, location of visitor, time spent on pages, frequency of visits, number of clicks, and much more. From these you can be able to make changes where necessary.
  • SEO analysis. Get ranking information and information about link quality and domain names. From these you can be able to identify issues that need addressing for better viewership on search engines.
  • Sales. You will get data concerning conversion to sales, for instance, the number of clicks to purchase link or ordering link. You can actually determine the value of sales generated from your online efforts and the origin of the links that lead to the sale.
  • Customer retention rate. You will get information about customer loyalty and determine whether your efforts are good enough to retain first time customers.
  • Web analytics. With some analytics software, you are able to get information about your web graphics, loading speed, theme and layout quality and much more. You can even get suggestions on how to improve convenience and compatibility on various internet connection devices.

Content Marketing Strategies: Part 1

contentmarketingWith the enormous advancement of technology in this time and age, digital marketing strategies are becoming more of a norm, with businesses of different sizes slowly deviating from traditional methods of marketing. Internet advertisement has taken over a great deal, with most business having the main focus on online strategies to improve growth and maximize revenues. The main strategy for most online marketers in this day is to utilize digital content, strategically coming up with ways to increase viewership over the net, increase the number of visitors to their business sites, as well as strategies to increase revenue as they gain a huge visitor base. However, an effective content marketing plan is needed, if any marketer is to succeed in their online efforts.

The most important fact is that numbers never lie, and you can only know that your efforts are worthwhile if conversions rates of visitors to sales on your website are substantial. According to these Mississauga SEO specialists, there is estimation that content marketing can increase your leads up to above 70% and increase conversion rates up to six fold, just from adopting digital content marketing strategies. It is therefore essential that whatever the size of your business, you consider going for a good content marketing approach as a key ingredient to see your business potential maximized and turnover increase by the way these strategies are effective in increasing conversion rates.

However, these strategies should as well be compliant with web regulator guidelines such as webmaster from Google guidelines that discourage non quality content and black hat SEO approaches. The following are a number of tips and strategies that can effectively get you soaring as far as today’s technology is concerned, doing you wonders in increasing the number of subscribers and buyers of your products of services from your site or business.

Good quality of content will rank you high on search engines

content-marketingOne of the most important things used by Google and web crawlers of other search engines use to find information and rank pages by the quality of content and page links. Quality content should be a non-bargain able priority if at all you are to win the interest of target visitors, or even get them to click on your page links from search engines. There are many service providers, some of them readily available on the internet as freelancers, who you can rely on for quality content. Also keep in mind to consider the freshness and ensure that you content is up to date even in future. Low quality links will never get you anywhere near the top pages on search engines, where probably most of your audience is.

Balance between catchy content and informative content.

Online users are entangled with advertisements all the time they are surfing the net, doing their favorite mobile apps, watching their favorite programs and listening to their favorite radio shows, jus to mention a few. Placing your content in such a way that it looks obvious that you are promotion your products is not the way to go in this day and time. You need to be creative on how you place your ads within your web content. At the same time, there are those types of clients who want to find what they are looking for, straight from the moment they gain access to your website or page. As much as your content should be catchy and interesting from the title and within the body, ensure that you don’t over emphasize on your products but also try to get the target audience hooked by focusing on enlightening them as well.

Search engine optimization is a must

Bots and crawlers of search engine heavily rely on keywords in generation of web search results. SEO is one of the fundamental pillars of good online marketing and should never be taken for granted. Be sure to use relevant keywords and phrases that are highly relevant to your websites and are easily searchable by internet users. However, the use of keywords should also be observed such that it is logical, so that you don’t end up stuffing your entire content with repetition. Stuffing may have a negative impact on quality, which is another criterion to watch for, as described above. With the way SEO has advanced became much more complicated lately, it probably wouldn’t even be a bad idea to hire an SEO expert to carry out the necessary work for you.

Know your target market, competitors and your business

If you are looking to improve your sales online through content, then it goes without saying that you have to carefully select every bit of wordings or other material you use in your endeavors. The task can be less daunting if you have a better understanding of three key factors. These are your business, your target market, and your competition. Choosing trending topics, in a timely and up to date matter can save you a lot of hustle. However, the content you choose should be relevant to or relating to your industry of specialization, and enticing top the audience as well. Go an extra mile to determine what your immediate competitor is up to as well, so that you can steer yourself to remain a step forward, or even work to overtake them. This definitely calls for a keyword research. There are good keyword research tools that you can utilize to determine what most customers in your field are looking for over the internet. From these findings, you can improvise and enrich your next content with those keywords as well as their alternatives. It also pays to seek feedback from colleagues that you trust, friends and even customers before you get your content to go live.

Have A Successful Website With SEO

seo-companySEO is used to increase the number of visitors to a specific website. These days, it is no longer a new word because many people have heard about it. They also understand what goes into search engine optimization. That is the reason why it is part of building any site. Basically, it determines how successful the site is going to be. The use of keywords is one of the top steps that are utilized when it comes to optimizing websites. It is not all about picking keywords because just the right ones have to be selected. They also have to be related to the products or services that the company is offering.

There are steps that are taken to have a successful website using SEO. They include:

Auditing the progress

Before a person determines whether the optimization is having any positive effect, the site should be audited. This is done before the optimizations are performed and then later on when it is still in progress. Both the techniques and strategies have to be re-evaluated time after time incase there are changes that need to be tried. This ensures that the website continues to move forward at all times. Whenever there is a stage that needs to be rectified, this is done at that particular time to avoid any inconveniences.

The content should be optimized
After the keywords have been identified the next step is optimizing the content. This is for the reason that content is supposed to be friendly to the user. Without this, there is no way that it can have any effect with regards to making the site better than it already is. As much as the keywords are important, the content also plays a vital role because it is what clients are actually looking for.

The SEO efforts should be complemented by social media
The reason why social media is important is because it is a good way to get clients, engage them and finally convert them. This is not easy to achieve with just search engine optimizations. Extra efforts from social media are bound to make it easier to have a successful website.

Work with the right SEO Company
Any person who picks the right SEO company has more chances of having a successful website than most others. This is because they avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that most other companies fall into. Since they have years of experience in the job, they already know just about everything that goes into search engine optimization. For example, this Winnipeg SEO company has more ways of optimizing sites than most others out there. They have and also utilize more tools and methods compared to many other companies. This is why they end up more successful and with a higher number of clients than the other companies.


5 ways to improve your social media marketing strategies

social-medaiWith so many people on social media platforms, it is no wonder that a huge percentage of businesses are looking to them for customers. Many people spend quite a bit of time on a number of social media platforms, as such, as a business, you need to find a way to utilize the platform for your own good.

Different social media sites call for different marketing strategies. What works for Facebook may not necessarily work for Google+ or Pinterest. Many businesses are turning to social media to help promote their business, and with the following tips, you too can promote your business and acquire new customers.

Have a plan and try as much as possible to stick to it

Without a plan, you may as well go for whatever comes your way. Find out what makes other businesses tick on the social media and device ways to make yours an even better strategy. Plan on what content you will post, how many tweets you will make or which video formats you will utilize.

Don’t try to mix-up all the different social media channels

You need to work with the different platforms individually because the formats used on Twitter for example may not work with those used on Pintarest. Learn your audience and then proceed to tailor the message you wish to deliver to suit their characteristics. An example is posting an entirely business oriented post on Instagram and forgetting to add visuals will not work well for that particular platform.

Treat your customers to an exceptional customer service experience

You need to provide your customers with an exceptional customer service experience in order to have them appreciating your business, coming back for more and bringing with them new customers. It doesn’t do your business any good to not respond to comments or tweets made on the posts you make because this lets your customers know that you don’t really have that much time for them. Even negative comments need to be addressed in a timely manner.

Don’t ignore hiccups

No matter how well you lay out your plan, sometimes hiccups do arise. Instead of trying to push them under the rug, try as much as possible to address them. Where the need arises, be apologetic and provide ways in which a particular mishap will be handled.

Take the time out to review metric related to your social media channel

Much as it is time-consuming to go through the metrics, such information can help you plan better in the future. Always put aside some time every month to go through the metrics and find out where you might have gone wrong and which areas need improving. There are a number of softwares in the market such as Google Analytics that can help you track useful data such as number of clicks, shares or posts so that you can make more informed decisions in the future.